This service was created from the need to have an independent tool focusing on work productivity, with an easy to use interface that works both for mobile and desktop seamlessly.

Furthermore, the main aim here is to allow the users the freedom to pick their own way to work, while GoCollab automates the process of grouping, tracking and reporting of tasks.

Everyone can create a GoCollab account and start for free while we're focusing on creating lots of cool tools around helping to keep track on productivity levels and work performance.

For developers that want to extract their personal data and process it in their own applications we can offer a robust API for all major metrics. And for power users that want ultimate control we'll to satisfy their need by providing a stand-alone server that contains the whole GoCollab application in a complete package.

We're welcoming everyone that would like to use GoCollab and it is our promise to never use any of the reporting data you generate with your activity; it's the least we can do for honoring us with your participation.