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What exactly is GoCollab?

The focus is to create a specialized service around remote collaboration, that can surpass existing tools where web technologies can excel. That is, create an always on, always available UI to generate, distribute and record tasks; while at the same time use machine learning to record and evaluate productivity levels, effectively training an AI to become an assistant for further improvement.

With GoCollab, creators get an intuitive, functional interface to review projects, collaborate with people around the world seamlessly and evaluate the performance of their own and their peers. Producers and executives get insightful reports that go beyond task lists which will allow them to better manage their team(s).

What do you mean "AI training"?
One of the unique features of GoCollab is that it hosts a dedicated "AI"; basically a set of automated algorithms that learn your work trends based on your activity and based on that evaluates and organizes tasks to improve the success rate of your projects.
So, how do I work with this service?
It only takes a few minutes to get setup. After a short guide through the basics you'll find yourself adding tasks to your project(s) and tracking your performance. Soon enough you'll be getting stuff done!
What if I need more help?

GoCollab is a tool for professionals and as such we don't feel most of our users appreciate holding their hand during their every day activities.

Naturally, there is documentation you can refer to and you are welcomed to contact us any time through email support@gocollab.com for immediate support. Beyond that, we want to empower users like you to feel in control of your own workflow and you should be able to operate as per usual, with or without GoCollab.

Do I have to upload my work files here?
No, you don't have to worry about providing any of your sensitive data to GoCollab. We want creators to preserve the freedom to work their own way, while GoCollab automates the process of grouping, tracking and reporting on tasks. If the need to control that part of the process is needed though you may extend your control absolutely with a stand-alone server.
Is this service breaching my privacy?
No. We don't keep any records of your work or personal contacts. Your activity is captured only for productivity evaluations and whatever data our algorithms use is not shared in any way outside the strict scope of this service.
Where is the API?
Our mission is to assist devs in building reporting tools on top of GoCollab - if interested, please visit the dedicated repos on Github for specifics: http://github.com/gocollab
What does this service cost?
There's a free tier that's quite generous, allowing you to have concurrent up to 5 projects and 50 tasks. Premium plans are $7 per month. As a general principle, we don't cut down on features but simply offer more bandwidth. Below you'll find a more detailed description of the pricing.


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per month

For individuals or small team with moderate projects. Start free, upgrade anytime.

Easy to use web interface, for desktop and mobile.

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per month

For professionals with high demands. Generous allowance for projects and tasks.

Easy to use web interface, for desktop and mobile.

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one time fee

Complete control of a server with GoCollab pre-installed, ready to run on your server.

Available as an EC2 server at the AWS marketplace.

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